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Alliance for the Mentally Ill/Friends and Advocates of the Mentally Ill (AMI/FAMI)

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)

American Psychiatric Association

American Psychological Association

American Psychological Society

Canadian Mental Health Association, Metro Toronto Branch

Canadian Psychiatric Association - CPAnet

Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research

Clarke Institute of Psychiatry

Cognitive and Psychological Societies & Conferences

Cognitive Science Society

Human Services Research Institute

Internet Addiction Association

Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit

Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Mental Health Research Institute - Australia (Melbourne)

Missouri Institute of Mental Health

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)

National Empowerment Center (gopher)

National Institute of Mental Health

Neuroscience Societes

Public Information- APA Consumer Resources

Society for Psychotherapy Research

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

The Cognitive Science Society

The GlobalPsych Institute

Tokyo Institute of Psychiatry

Tweed Valley Mental Health Service

Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC)

WHO: International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) Chapter V (F)

Salute mentale

American Psychiatric Association's Public Information

Behavior Online

Clinical Psychology Resources

Cognitive & Psychological Sciences on the Internet

Dr. Bob's Mental Health Links

Dr. Grohol's Mental Health Page

Dual Diagnosis Website

Forensic Psychiatry & Medicine

General reference of interest in psychiatry

HealthGuide: Mental Health

help! A Consumer's Guide to Mental Health Information

InStream PsychLink

Internet Mental Health


Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health InfoSource

Mental Health Meeting, Organization and Resource Index

Mental Health Metasearch

Mental Health Net

Online Psychological Services

Policy Information Exchange (PIE)

Psychiatry and the Law


PsychScapes Worldwide

Royal College of Psychiatrists 'Help is at Hand' Leaflet Series

Sane Net

Seattle Counseling Information

ShrinkTank BBS Web Site

Biblioteche on Line

Biblioteca dell'Istituto di Psicologia Medica dell'Universitą di Verona

British Library

Cataloghi vari

Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrival

Data Reserach associate

Elenco Non Ufficiale degli Opac Italiani

Elenco Opac Italiani

Elenco Ufficiale degli Opac Italiani

Informazioni sui servizi via internet British Library

Le Biblioteche

Library of Congress

Library of Congress Page for Gateway Access




Banche Dati

Banche dati



Ovid Technologies


American Psychological Society

Athabasca University Psychology Resources


beeHive Remote Psych Links

Behavioral Medicine Programme

BUBL Link Infprmation service

BUBL Psychiatry page

BUBL Psychology page

Centro Per la Ricerca in Psicoterapia

Clinical Psychology Resources

Clinical Psychology Resources- Assessment and Classification

Community of Science

Cyber Psychlink


Dana BrainWeb

Dr. Bob's Mentah Health Links

Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health

EINet - Psychiatry

EINet - Psychology

Electronic Journals and Periodicals

Electronic Journal Miner


Hanover College Psychology Department

Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources

Health orld on Line


HealthAtoZ - Mental Health



HealthyWay - Mental Health Directory

Infoseek's Mental Health Links

Infoseek's Psychiatry Links

Institute of Psychiatry Library: Mental Health

Internet Mental Health

Internet Mental Health Resources

Internet Mental Health Resources #2

Internet Mental Health Resources #3

Knowledge Exchange Network NIMH

Knowledge Finder

Links t Psychological Journals

Medical Matrix - Psychiatry



MedWeb: Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychology


Mental Health Associations (Mental Health Infosource)

Mental Health Forums at Online Psych

Mental Health Forums at Online Psych #2

Mental Health Forums at Online Psych #3

Mental Health Infosource

Mental Health Links and Info

Mental Health Net

Mental Health Net

Mental Health Net - Professional Resources Index

Mental Health Net - Psychotherapy

MentalHealth.Com: Sharing Mental Health Knowledge eith the World

National Institute of Health Home Page

Neuropsychology Web Search


Non-Mainstream Psychoterapy and Counselling Resources on the Internet

On Line Dictionary of Mental Health

Online Psych

Online Psych

Online Psych - Mental Health Info

Online Psych - Mental Health Info #2


Psych Central

Psych Web

Psychiatry and Mental Health Meta List

Psychiatry On-Line © Priory Lodge Education 1997



Psychological Online Documents

Psychological Resources

Psychology On Line

Psychology Related Web and Internet Information

Psychology Resources a cura di Joseph Plaud

Psychology Web Archive




Psycological Sites





Research Resources for the Social Sciences

Resources in Psychology on the Internet

School Psychology Resources Online

Self-Help Sourcebook Online Index (Mental Health Net)

Specifica: Web links for medical and mental health problems

Toll-Free Numbers for Health Information (NHIC)

Webpsych Partnership

WWW Psychology Resources

Yahoo Psychology Section

Yahoo's Mental Health Resources

Yahoo's Psychiatry Resources

Yahoo's Psychology Resources


A New Multi-Disciplinary Subject- Journal of Conscoiusness Study

Ap Appunti di Psicoogia

Appunti di Psicologia ©

Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Cog & Psy Sci: Journals & Magazines

Electronic Journals and Periodicals in Psychology and Related Fields

Electronic Journals and Periodics in Psychology

Giornale Italiano di Psicologia e Internet

Harvard Mental Health Letter

Hypnosis Journals

Hypnosis Journals #2

Index to Psychological Journals, courtesy of Stanford University

ISSD - Dissociation Journal

ISSD - Dissociation Journal #2


NetPsych News

PSYCHE: an interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness

Psychiatric News

Psychiatric Times

Psychiatry On-Line

Psychological Advisor Newsletter


Rivista di sessuologia clinica

Self-Help Psychology Magazine

USA Today - Mental Health

Universita' straniere

Bath University (UK) Psychiatry gopher

Bath University (UK) Psychology gopher

Columbia University's Department of Psychiatry

Counseling Center Self-Help (SUNY-Buffalo)

Department of Psychology, University College London

Florida Mental Health Institute

Institute Of Psychiatry (London, UK)

NorthWestern University Psychology Department

NYU Medical Center, Dept. of Psychiatry

Psychiatric Resource page at Yale

Psychiatry Project

Psychiatry Star

Psychological Resource List located at Hanover College

Psychology - UCSC

Social Psychiatry at the University of Groningen (Netherlands)

Texas A&M University's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

Tulane Psychiatry / Neurology

UC Berkeley School Psychology

UCHC Dept. of Psychiatry

University of California San Diego Department of Psychology

University of Memphis Department of Psychology

University of Michigan Psychiatry Home Page

University of Pennsylvania Medical Center - Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic Library

University of Tasmania - Department of Psychology

University of Tennessee College of Social Work

University of Texas Medical Branch Psychiatry Department

University of Wollongong Department of Psychology

Vanderbilt University Center for Mental Health Policy

Victoria University of Wellington Psychophysics Laboratory

Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic

Yale University Department of Psychiatry

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